Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House in Belleville

A lot of sellers believe that an outstanding listing is what will sell their home, but that truly happens when an interested party comes to take a look at every detail in person. In order to make the most of every open house and walkthrough, take a look at these home staging mistakes to avoid when selling your house in Belleville .

Forgetting to Clean Thoroughly

Of all the things on this list, not taking the time to comprehensively clean your home is probably the biggest issue. 

This also goes beyond making things look dust-free and less cluttered; it includes organizing living spaces to help create more flow throughout your home. The biggest area that often gets overlooked is your storage spaces. Empty everything out of a closet or other storage area, carefully consider if each and every item needs to be kept or can be discarded, and follow through with that determination. 

You’d be amazed the difference neat and tidy storage areas can make to anyone looking at your home.

Failing to Depersonalize

The last thing a potential buyer needs to see when entering a home for sale is a photo collage of its current residents. 

Leaving family heirlooms, valuables, and photographs makes those coming to walk through your home feel like intruders more than just about anything else and is one of the major staging mistakes home sellers make. Replace photos with inexpensive artwork to fill voids left on walls and store anything of high sentimental value. 

You give the potential buyers an opportunity to envision what they would do with the space in your home without as many distractions standing in their way.

Repainting All Wrong

If you’re looking to maximize the appeal of your home, it’s well known that repainting your home in neutral tones is the right way to go. 

Some sellers feel the pressure to attempt making their home look stylish and trendy by including high contrasting color palettes and accent walls, but this is almost always going to end up being a gigantic misstep. 

If you’re repainting before you list, keep your creative side in check and go with the simple solution that is tried and true: paint neutral.

Cluttered Rooms

Similar to getting our storage spaces organized, it’s absolutely essential to do the same with the rest of the home. 

The biggest trouble areas tend to be children’s rooms and places where pets tend to eat, sleep, or do their other business. Keeping major traffic areas clear is of utmost importance, and having a traffic plan through each room will make everything look and feel that much better. 

If you absolutely have too many items to make your rooms and storage spaces look clutter-free and open, rent a portable storage pod for any overflow items. This can be toted off when you have a showing or open house and can come right back afterward to allow you access to your belongings.

Finally, do not go overboard with the decor – especially holiday decor. Making rooms feel incredibly busy is only going to work against your aims of selling the home, so keep the holiday decor to a minimum.

Thinking It’s the Cure

A common issue with staging their homes is that owners get it in their heads that, as long as they have things clean and picked up, their house is magically going to sell despite other existing issues. 

If you’re dealing with a home containing serious structural or flooding issues, those are likely to be a bigger sticking point compared to everything else. 

Don’t let yourself get caught up in making your house look stellar while desperately covering up an obviously cracked window pane, leaky roof, or barely-operational furnace.

Help Avoiding Staging Mistakes When Selling a Home in Belleville

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