5 DIY Projects to Consider Before Moving Into Your New Belleville House

No matter how pristine your new home may look, chances are there’s some work that could be done ahead of time to make your life just a bit easier over the coming months. In order to help you figure out what needs to be done and which tasks you feel are priorities, let’s go over 5 DIY projects to consider before moving into your new Belleville house.


Always one of the big-ticket items to consider before doing the big move, painting is a relatively inexpensive way to immediately put your mark on your home while updating its look.

Having furniture and other bulky items in the way is an easy excuse to prevent anyone from giving this task a real go. Therefore, we suggest dreaming up a color scheme ahead of time and being ready to put those aspirations into practice prior to cluttering up the living space with anything that will make getting the painting done a real headache.

Set up Your Security

In all of the excitement of moving into your new property, it’s easy for some owners to forget that their home is not secure on day one. 

Purchasing new locks and keys is an incredibly simple solution that takes little time investment from you. If you happen to be someone that uses a camera system or a doorbell camera, now is the time to get that all up and running as well. 

Don’t neglect to secure your new property as soon as possible in order to ensure you don’t run into any unsavory situations.

Prepare Your Storage

It’s common for owners to move all of their belongings into their home only to then start planning and assembling their available storage systems. 

During your final walkthrough of the home, we suggest putting together a basic plan for which of your belongings will be stored where. Having this simple plan put together could save you a lot of time and effort shuffling items from one room to the next alongside making sure you have the storage that you will need. 

Installing any shelving or storage systems ahead of time allows you to bring your belongings into your new home hassle- and stress-free.

Handle the Utilities

When you attended your home inspection, the licensed home inspector went over your new home’s utilities and how they operate with you. 

With your newfound familiarity with these utilities, now is the opportune point in time to check out every little bit to make sure everything is in great condition. Replace any air filters in your HVAC system, check that the air return vents are configured properly, and clean out the vents to optimize airflow throughout your home. 

Finally, take a little bit of time to check any smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. It’s easy to complete these small tasks before moving into your new house so everything’s ready to go when your belongings are in place.

Do Your Own Full Deep Clean

Having taken the time to walk through the property and then purchase it, chances are you’re thinking that surely the previous owners already covered this. 

While they may have done a serious deep clean when first putting the home up for sale, chances are they didn’t really keep up with things over time – especially if they had already moved out of the house. Besides hitting the obvious areas in need of some TLC, we strongly suggest focusing on steam cleaning carpeting, wiping out cabinets, and thoroughly sanitizing any toilets, tubs, sinks, and showers. 

Accomplishing this now will be so much simpler, and it will get you started on the right foot in your new house.

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