How to Generate Multiple Offers for Your House in Belleville

One of the most rewarding parts of selling your home is the point where you have a handful of excited and motivated buyers putting in offers. In order to increase your chances of seeing a vigorous bidding war, let’s look into ways to generate multiple offers for your house in Belleville .

Preparation Is Key

Before jumping ahead and putting your home on the market, you first need to start at square one with thorough deep cleaning and reorganization. 

Getting into storage spaces to minimize the clutter will allow potential buyers to see that your home will meet their needs. We recommend removing everything from a storage area, reevaluating if it’s something you truly need or want to keep, and then following through accordingly. 

It’s also a great idea to do what is called depersonalizing your home. This entails removing any family photographs and other sentimental or highly personal items, including jewelry and family heirlooms. 

By completing both the decluttering and depersonalization processes you’re officially getting your home ready for the market.

Make an Amazing First Impression

Now that you have the interior of your home squared away, you need to turn your attention to every little bit of the exterior. 

Oftentimes, sellers focus on keeping their lawn mowed and forget about the other exterior areas of their property that have buckets of potential to unlock. Besides keeping your lawn mowed and tidy, it’s a spectacular idea to get out a pressure washer and clean up your home’s exterior or siding, gutters, and any driveways or walkways on the property. You’d be amazed at the difference a few hours outdoors with a pressure washer can make to the overall appearance of your home.

The reason we take the time to get all of these things done right is that the exterior of your home is what helps to inform the rest of the interested party’s experience when they come to see what it has to offer. The more people you can attract into the home with a great-looking exterior, the better your chances are of getting multiple offers.

Hire an Agent

Never underestimate the utility a qualified and experienced real estate professional brings to the table. 

They come equipped with the tricks that will help create an interesting listing and positive experience for anyone interested in your property. Once negotiations are underway, they are able to pick apart the important details of any offer and then provide you with solid advice to find where you benefit the most. 

The best way to find an agent is to meet with at least three in person to discuss your property and personal circumstances, ask any questions you may have about selling your home, and determine which of those agents makes you feel the most comfortable. 

After all, you’re hiring the agent to represent you and your interests, so taking the time to discover who can fill that role best is no small detail.

Price Competitively

What is possibly one of the biggest factors that can make or break your ability to receive multiple offers is ensuring the property is priced appropriately from the very beginning. 

Some sellers may feel that pricing slightly lower than the estimated market value means more buyer interest, but it can actually lead to buyers thinking that you’re hiding something or that there’s reason for suspicion. This is another area where a realtor can pull their data points together and set you off on the right foot from day one. 

Taking a look at similar properties from around your neighborhood and seeing at what price points they have sold within the last few years goes a long way to influence your home’s market value.

Professional Guidance to Help You Get Multiple Offers

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